Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Year In Review

We started 2011 moving to our first apartment as a married couple in Gainesville Florida, and ended the year living in our second apartment in Miami Florida. We have learned and grown so much over the past year, it is alway nice to reflect back and see where life has taken you.
33ft Bon Fire and we moved to Gainesville.
I stopped being and teenager and turned 20.
We had an amazing Spring Break, to bad this year my college does not believe in spring break. (I still do not understand why). Jari also left for South Africa, she is the coolest sister I have.
So much happened in April (why didn't Jari leave a month later?). My cousin Lela got married, Vovo came to visit, St. Patrick's Day and a Russ Easter lunch
We went to Honduras, need I say more?
Mostly just school and blueberry picking.
Jari came home, Blake caught a shark, we took a trip to Manassa, and we saw the Space Shuttle launch.
Russ family and Santos family beach trips.
September we lived in our cute little rented house, and we studied a lot.
Attended the Widdman halloween party, and studied some more.
We had Thanksgiving with our new Miami neighbor. We also added a new member to our family. A cute southern flying squirrel. Yes, she needs to be properly introduced on the blog. And we continued to study.
The Santos family went to Costa Rica. We got to go scuba diving in the pacific, and then we had a wonderful Christmas.

All that studying got me, Annalee Russ straight A's! This was the hardest semester of my life, besides maybe 4th grade when I was still the only one in class that could not read. I was taking Microbiology lecture and lab, Chemistry lecture and lab, along with Anatomy & Physiology II lecture and lab. 

There was a lot of hard work, fun and way to many batches of Em Russ's chocolate chip cookies in 2011. Cannot wait to see what 2012 has in store for us.

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  1. I totally laughed out loud when I saw that the final highlight of your year was my cookies!! Thanks for making my day!! Maybe 2012 will bring us a new recipe of yummy cookie goodness!! Love you guys!