Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pura Vida

Well for Christmas this year the Santos Family took a trip. The only way to get Dad away for the Urgent Care is to get him out of the country, so off to Costa Rica we went. In true Santos fashion we were late to the air port (we still could have made our flight but some new-be worker messed up...). So we spent the night in Orlando and filled our free time with Golden Corral and the Outlet Mall to lift our spirits. 
After eating and shopping we still decided to make one more stop, Disney. We hotel hopped and enjoyed all the Christmas decor, including a ginger bread house, big Christmas trees, a bell choir and of corse we stopped and watched the fireworks.  
So we learned a few things from missing the plan. 1) be to the air port 3 hours before your flight, 2) if traveling with the Santos family we should just plan on a night in Orlando to make sure we are at the air port 3 hours before our flight, 3) sometimes bad things happen and the family can be mad/sad or get over it and have fun anyway. We all enjoyed our time in Orlando and yes we made our plane the next morning and finally got to Costa Rica
The resort was beautiful and full of life, the sounds of the rain forest were everywhere. We were in playa conchal which was off away from any big city. The first order of business was to get in the pool and pina colada for everyone. We had so many virgin drinks while we were there it was awesome. 
After a good nights sleep Blake and I got up before everyone so we could order a bread basket and smoothies. It did not take long after for the birds to know what was up.
Once the whole family was up we explored the resort a little more and found Iguanas. I mean these things were everywhere. In the trees, out sun bathing, or just roaming around. Blake remembered that they liked to eat hibiscus flowers so we got a few and fed them. 
We also saw packs of what the locals call "piscotes" running everywhere. Since we had feed all the other animals why not try to give these little guys a few crumbs as well? Adam and Blake soon had at least 15 surrounding them, they would come and eat out of their hands. 
Then on the last day we got to see a group of monkeys swinging through the trees. There was no feeding these howler monkeys, but they were fun to watch. 
Like I said this place was filled with life. We did not spend all our time searching for and feeding animals, we also spent a lot of time at the beach, playing games and just being together. 
This trip was more then we could have asked for after our semester of Reman, hot dogs and endless amounts of studying. Thanks Mom and Dad for being so cool.
Pura Vida

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