Thursday, July 7, 2011

mini road trip

July 2nd Blake, Jari and I look a little road trip to Virginia. This was a very short but fun trip. Our reason for going to Virginia was to keep Jari alive. You see she had just gotten back from South Africa on June 29th and had to be in Buena Vista Virginia by July 3. Jari having jet lag and being sleep deprived was not fit to make the drive by herself. So we offered to drive her up. And to our surprise the 12 hour drive did not seem long as we thought it would. It made me ask myself why I have never made the drive before. 
After saying bye to Jari, the thought of spending the 4th on Capital Hill or better yet just drive a few more hours and surprise Jonhhy and Emily at their house in Connecticut made it hard to leave. But our empty wallets got the better of us and we headed back home. We will just have to make the drive again sometime soon. 

We did however take two detours on the way home. First stop was the said claimed "World Largest Firework Store". 
Being that it was the 3rd we had to stop and get the good stuff before we got back to Florida and the fire laws. Once the trunk and back seat were stuffed with explosives we were back on the road to Atlanta Ga.
 Why you ask? 
Because a few days prior to taking this mini road trip we had watched a show on the History channel about fast food. Here we learned all about The Varsity. A famous Atlanta fast food establishment that has been around since 1928.
So we enjoyed some hot dogs and got back on the road.
We got home just in time to sleep and celebrate the 4th at my Dad's 441 Urgent Care. Yes, my Dad has all kinds of parties for his patients and friends he loves so much in The Villages and Summerfeil Florida. There the boys got to put on a fire work show.

We saved some fireworks to play with at home too. 

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  1. I seriously have the best family ever. I'm so glad you guys drove me up there. And that's a dang cute picture of the three of us, just saying. And sissy, thanks for making me that dress!