Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wild Veiled Chameleons in South Florida

Tail of Adult Male Veiled Chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus)
Gravid Female 
Left: Male Veiled Chameleon, Right: Gravid Female Veiled (Chamaeleo calyptratus)
Last week we planned a double date with our good friends Krysta and Devin. The boys have gone a few times and brought home Oustalet's Chameleons. Krysta and I have been waiting our turn to go out and catch some. We were armed with flashlights and boots for what could be a long night, these reptiles can be pretty hard to spot. But within 30 minutes we had already bagged two of these big, beautiful Veiled Chameleons (Chamaeleo calyptratus). Devin spotted both, so we walked around a little longer because I wanted to spot one too (I'm a little stubborn like that). In the end my upcoming test got the better of me and I gave up so I could get home for more study time. It was a fun and successful night. Chameleons are such amazing little animals and perfect pets!! And I got a 95% on the test, totally win win.

The gravid Female we caught that night, ended up laying 26 eggs, which hatched about 7 months later. To see some pictures of the baby veiled chameleon that hatched click HERE.


  1. Wow--that looks like quite the adventure! I'm not entirely sure I would want to hold one of those chameleons!

  2. Those pictures are so awesome. I LOVE chameleons! My husband served an LDS mission in Jacksonville & he has so many pictures of lizards & iguanas. They're so cute! Congratulations on your test, by the way. You're awesome!


  3. Hey guys,
    I have had all kinds of lizards and snakes over the years. I currently have 2 Beardies and 2 Boas. I also bread my own superworms. I have been out a few times looking for Chameleons in the wild. I only rescue animals in need. I would love to see some Chameleons in the wild. Can you give me a couple of locations to see them in Dade or Broward county? I live in Hollywood.

    1. Brad,
      Go to this website http://www.eddmaps.org/florida/report/index.cfm This is where I started. It is hard to find the chameleons because most people will not tell you where they are at. But this website will give you the locations of where tons of invasive species are reported being. Click on the tab that says distribution maps. Look up the Oustalet's Chameleon on the link above. Good luck.

  4. do you sell them? If so how much and would you ship I would like to get a couple male and female