Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jungle Island

The first day of the spring semester was a good day at the Russ house. My little brother Adam drove down with our new/used couch that Blake's sister Amy gave us. Blake and I have not had a couch since we've been married and let me tell you I did not know what I was missing. Sunday naps, Monday naps and really any-day naps have gotten so much better. When people come over they have a place to sit, and it just makes the whole apartment look bigger. After unloading the couch, and going to math class, Adam took us to Jungle Island.
Jungle Island is an interactive zoological park, meaning you don't just get to look at the animals you get to, well interact with them too. The founders wanted to get people into nature. The park opened in 1936 and was one of the first attraction here in Miami. It has changed location since then but it is now on the Watson Island right between Downtown Miami and South Beach. Throughout the park there are Macaws roaming free around the place.
This one took a liking to Blake. He wouldn't let Adam nor I get close, but let Blake just sit and scratch him behind the neck. 
Not all the birds were out in the open but they were still so enchanting.
Then there were the little monkeys. 
When we got to the upper level we could feed them, look at their little fingers wrapping around the food. 
For five extra dollars we also got to feed the kangaroos. I think it was so worth the money, because we got to spend as much time as we wanted with them.  
Adam even got a little kiss.
We could have spent another five dollars to play with the giant tortoises, or you could just reach through the gait and pet them for free.
I guess Blake was jealous of Adam's kangaroo kiss. I don't know what is up with these two boys, remember when we fed the giraffes?
What I was not expecting to see was Hercules, the 900lb liger. I mean he is humungous, so much bigger then any cat I have ever seen.  
Even though it was one of the colder days we have spent here in Miami the sun was still shining. It was amazing to think we were just miles away from the busy city and crazy beach. Surrounded by all the plants and animals made us appreciate all the beauty we have here on earth.
Now that is what I call a good first day of school.

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