Wednesday, December 28, 2011


There are a lot of perks with have both the Russ and Santos families living so close to each other. But probably the best is not having to decided who to spend the Holidays with. That means we get not one but two yummy dinners.

Christmas Eve at the Russ House
The evening was filled with lots of family, Brandon's fried turkey, candle light dinner on the porch, kids singing, service, cake pops and probably the coolest gift Blake could have gotten from Mama Liz. 
(minerals that fire into different colors)
 Christmas day at the Santos house
was filled with early morning grift giving, wonderful day at church (love it when Christmas is on sunday), more turkey, guarana, mom's pavlova, naps in the hammocks, staying in pj's most of the day and silly photos with Jari. 
And yes, the Santos family likes to put little gifts in BIG boxes just to make them look pretty. 
there is a bogie in this photo


  1. love it. Wish we could have been there!!!

    1. We wish you could have been there too. What's your problem Emily?

  2. Let's go back to Christmas right now! I love all of these pictures...and I really want to eat that food again. Thanks for Christmas in February. Loving it.