Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where it all began

The links on this post will take you to our day by day story telling of our trip to Honduras. 

Well Spring Semester ended on April 27, Blake and I had 10 days before Summer Semester started May 9th.  So we took a 9 day trip to where Blake served his LDS mission, Honduras.
  Because we only had 9 days, every minute was planned to be packed with adventurer.  We even made a little itinerary.

Honduras trip April 29-May 9
Day1 Fri. April 29- Fly into San Pedro Sula. Stay the night at Karla's

 Day 2 Sat. April 30- Travel to la Cieba and then to Utila. Stay the night at Alex Ebanks's house.

Day 3 Sun. May 1- Go to Church and visit members, friends all day, and go to the bat house. Alex Ebanks's house

Day 4 Mon. May 2- Scuba dive/swim with whale sharks. Alex Ebanks's house.

 Day 5 Tue. May 3- Kayak and explore the island. Iguana hunting with Juancito and webb. Alex Ebanks's house.


Day 6 Wed. May 4- Travel back to San Pedro possible go to Pulapanzak. Sleep at pulapanzak

 Day 7 Thur. May 5- Travel to Copan. Visit bird Park. Sleep at Iguana Azul- 
Day 8 Fri. May 6- Visit Copan ruins, Butterfly museum, and Hot springs.- Sleep at Iguana Azul

 Day 9 Sat. May 7-Travel to San Pedro. Visit Chaloma and Puerto Cortez where guys steal gas. La primavera. Visit Central. Sleep at Karla

Day 10 Sun. May 8- Go to church at El Barrio San Antonio. Leave back to Florida.  

 I used to think that to begin an adventurer, first you have to get there... Right? I mean who likes running through airports with suitcases, or sitting in the car for what seems like hrs just to get to Disney World. Well on this trip we were out to prove that getting to the main event can be just as fun.  

So this story starts on April 28th... 
 We started out the day with family and breakfast
After eating we were off to a day of travel. Our flight to Honduras did not leave until midnight in Ft. Lauderdale, but having no money to leave our car at the airport for 9 days we had to get creative. 
So we took a bus to Lake Land.
Another love bug massacre 
From Lake Land we hopped on a train to Ft. Lauderdale.
Trains are now my favorite way to travel.  I highly recommend them.  
After getting off the train we had to find a way to get to the airport.  It was only going to be about a 4 mile walk.  But being a little smarter then walking 4 miles in an unfamiliar city, we walked to the nearest hotel instead.  We ate dinner then grabbed the free air port shuttle offered by the lovely hotel.  
Even after getting to the airport and through security we had a few hrs to burn... so I got to see a little re-run of the royal wedding.  Our plan was only delayed 1 hr... but finally after a 2 hr and flight we got to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  Blake's loving convert Karla was there to pick us up at 2:15am (not the safest time to arrive, but it was the cheapest flight).  There was not time waisted in taking us out to the city, they even took us out to eat.  Now it was 3am and we are going out for our first meal...
Baleadas and Tropical Soda
(more on those later)
This picture is just to give you an idea of where we ate.  We did not take many picture at this point in our trip, for our own safety.  If you have ever been to Central or South America you should know not to go out that late at night.  But we trusted our friends and it was an adventurer...

 So, even though Honduras is closer to Florida then Utah, we still made some memories getting there.  
 And this is just where the story begins...

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