Saturday, March 26, 2011

February Fun

Well a lot has happened in the wonderful mouth of February.  Not only has this been my favorite month since, well the day I was born but a lot of dates came to pass this month.


Blake and I completed our 6th months of marriage....


In 2007 Blake and I had our first date, celebrating my last day of being 15.  


My 20th birthday!  Well I have not been able to celebrate my birthday with Blake since my 16th.  He missed my 17th because he left for the MTC Feb. 5th.  

He was on his mission for my 17th and 18th
This was the coolest gift friends got me for my 18th birthday.

And ended his mission on my 19th birthday, he was supposed to be back in Florida on the 11th but because his mom went to go pick him up he did not get home till the 16th.
But Blake never forgot my birthday while he was gone.  Every year there was a surprise waiting for me, either on my door step or in my car there was a little something from him to me.
This year was not different it was filled with a whole birthday weekend.  Who knew you could get so many free things on your birthday week?  The day of my birthday I woke up to Blake making me banana pancakes, I did not even know he knew how to make pancakes.  Then later that night we went to a Japanese Stake house (my meal free).  Then Friday I got to go shopping with my Mom and Jari ending the night at Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant.  (To get my fee brownie sunday.)

After dinner we went back to my house to open some presents...
Gifts wrapped in heart candy and an old  track photo with Adam and me. (best year of track when you get to run with your little brother)
Some of you may not like the cheap heart candy that comes out every February, But I LOVE Them!!  When I go to the store and I see them on the shelf it always reminds me that my birthday is near.  You learn these things before you learn order of the 12 months.  I can not count the number of Heart boxes and gifts I get...

Adam is always the best at wrapping gifts.  Remember Christmas?  He made the entire box out of heart candy.   

Just when I thought my birthday fun was over, Blake took me on a surprise trip to Mediaeval Times.  
Which is a dinner (where you eat with your hand) and a show.

And last but not least..

Blake has been home off his mission for one whole year...
We celebrated this momentous occasion by going out with the spanish missionaries.  We were able to teach a wonderful young investigator.  Then stopped by Cold Stones on the way home.

As you may notice there is nothing about the 14th on our list of February FUn... not going to lie I have never been a big fan of Valentines Day.  And lets just say Blake does not complain about me not liking it either.

Just as a side note, while at Medieval times Blake made friend with a couple hundred high school girls from Argentina... they wanted there picture with him and I thought it was pretty funny.

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