Friday, December 23, 2011

Scuba, Costa Rica

How could we go to Costa Rica and not scuba dive? All we had to do was get up really early one morning, catch a ride with a Colombian dive instructor and we were on our way. This was our first time diving in the Pacific. What is the difference between Atlantic diving and the Pacific diving you may ask? Well, almost everything. The Pacific is colder, rougher, the fish and animal life are different, bigger, more colorful and more poisonous. We had the opportunity to dive two of the Catalina Islands, The Sombreros and Cupcake.
The Sombreros 
(you can not see the other sombrero in this photo)
We were all pretty excited to see these bright blue sea stars
(the picture does not give it justice). 
Jari's first ocean dive, and she dove like a pro. I love my sister.


Cupcake gave us a little more of a workout. After swiming to the opposite side the water got a little crazy, but all in all we loved our Pacific dive. 
Something not pictured, a shark about 4-5 feet long that swam by right after we descended the Sombreros.


  1. easily one of the best days of my life. thanks for taking me, and for taking so many beautiful pictures!

  2. You are the coolest couple I know...ha, can't wait until Bryan reads this.