Sunday, September 4, 2011

Whats up

Well, we have not given up blogging all together... lets just say its been a crazy summer.  Full of summer fun and summer classes. Blake and I took our last math class together. We have taken 3 in total, but ended with a Bang!, Statistics. It's going to be hard, seeing him all alone doing math homework all by himself... but I'll be able to manage.

So where have we gone you ask?

Yes, we have moved and that is one of the many things that added to our crazy nomadic summer. We left Gainesville the end of June, and got to Miami August 21st (the day before school stated). No, that was not the plan. We had an apartment lined up. The place was cheep and only had the "last finishing touches" of being built left. Meaning we would be the first to live in our apt.. lucky right?! Move in was supposed to be Aug. 15th, giving us a full week of moving and settling down before school started. But it is still not done, they say move in is now the end of September. Oh, the price we are paying for a brand new place. But if you saw the cheep apartments down here you would be waiting too. 

Meanwhile we are renting this cute little house.
Well not the whole house just the master bedroom. At the moment we are the only ones here, but any day now the other two rooms could be rented out. But Blake made friends with our neighbor Antron who will kindly detail our car for $75.00. I'm not sure if he would really detail our car with that money or if that was a hint that he won't steal our car if we pay him $75. When it rains hard we only slightly have to rearrange our room to keep the bed dry from the leaks in the roof. Oh and Blake just had to put 1 comforter and 3 pillowes under the matteres to even out the bumps. Other than that it is perfect.

In all honestly I love it here. The house is so cute and we are lucky it came furnished. Even if the bed is 100 years old it is better than having to move our bed in this house, out of this house, then into our apt. It is also nice to have such wonderful family keeping our things packed in their garages for that special day when a call comes saying, "it's move in day". They asked us how many days notice we need to get our stuff from up North to be ready to move in. I guess in high rises they move your BIG stuff in for you, maybe they don't want us to scuff up the new wall paint... I don't know. Blake informed them that he would only need 10 hrs. Since our rent will be up Sept. 21st.

But thank goodness for the long weekend of movies, beach and tres leches cake.

I am enjoying the nomadic life. Living out of a suitcase for 3 months has/will be fun. We have many stories to fill you in on soon. Just forgive us because not only are we homeless we are also students.

Till Next Time,

Hugs and Kisses from Miami Beach!


  1. wow that sounds crazy! I hope they get your apartment finished soon!

  2. ok. totally cute picture of you studying Annalee... and TOTALLY scary painting on the wall behind blake in that picture. And I am a little scared for you that you are sleeping on a scary rented mattress. I guess Blake can sleep on the cement at SeaWorld so he is probably ok, but still...

    p.s. Miss you guys!