Monday, May 23, 2011

Easter Lunch

Well the Saturday of Easter Weekend was wonderful.
The weather was perfect.   
That morning there was some egg dying...
Brandon took it all a little literally
And of course we had an egg hunt...
Mojo participated as well by trying to get the eggs from all the kids
We love this dog.
 The boys worked outside while we made lunch...
And of course we had a wonderful Easter lunch.  Complete with croissants sandwiches and fruit, I must say this is my dream lunch.
The night before I made brigaderio as promised...
a long with some other chocolate clusters.
  Brandon, Blake, and the kids were playing in the lake and it didn't take long for them to get bored.  Before we knew it they had covered themselves in mud and were running around the back yard acting like monsters.   
 And then of course they rolled around in leafs after wards.  
Now I know that Easter was last month but it is alway good to remember the spirit Easter brings.  


  1. haha Blake is just one of the kids! I love your blog Annalee :)

  2. Just another wonderful Easter...and then..the mud!! You guys always know how to make everyday just a little extraordinary!! You are the cutest couple!