Tuesday, April 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

I know, I know, we are behind!  Blake and I are trying hard to keep this thing current, BUT school is just getting in the way of that.  Yet we both agree that this is our little family Journal so we are going to post it anyway... even if it is a month late.  So here is what we did for St. Patrick's day.  It is not much but I'm mean what really do you do as a childless, Mormon on this holiday?  It seems like Valentines day and St. Patrick's day would be MUCH more fun with kids (that is why I can't wait till Easter to go play with the nieces and nephews).  For me anyway in elementary school these holidays were the best!! Blake still being a child at heart had an idea of making a really cool and yummy leprechaun trap.  
Yes it was all his idea... he looked up how to make it (it looks like he got it from not marthathen told me what I needed to do to make it happen.

 Another good thing about having kids would be help eating the cake.
Talking about Blake childish side, this is what HE wanted to do with the leftover frosting...
 And we all got into it...
In my moment of strength I asked to through the left over cake away, then came one more idea from Blake...
 "can we go and feed it to the birds?  I know you are not going to find this surprising but I really like feeding bird."  
So the cake is still in the freezer, waiting for us to find time and feed the birds.


  1. You guys are great!!! We need a great, ENERGETIC, aunt and uncle for Easter planning. I will have just had my neck stuck a bunch of times and have been warned I may feel like a a really bad flu bug and so I am depending on you guys, Melanie and Bryan to have an AWESOME Easter.... Okay that said, I love your blogs and pics, they always make me smile. I just love you two!!!!!

  2. Okay, you blog is like a little treasure that I stumbled upon today! I love it! You better update because I think your crazy little spontaneous life is fantastic and I'm kind of living vicariously through you now :)

  3. You guys are amazing!!! There are tons of kids at my house and we didn't do anything this fun. I'm stealing this idea for next year :)