Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Russtache and Russ Family Beach Trip

Well I am sure you may have notice that in the last few posts Blake has been growing a handsome beard. Blake's brothers and friends grow out their beards annually, just to shave them into different desines for their Russtash party. 

Here are some pictures of Russtachs from years past.
Before Blake's mission, his bread was not very thick or full.
Even though Blake was back home from his mission in 2010 he was not able to grow a full beard while attending BYU-I so he did his best with a true Russtache... 

First year George participated and brought 
The Powdered Donut
The Flame
The Hook
The Swirly
And Russtache

So that is why Blake grow out his beard for tree months. Here is what the boys came up with this year. 
Richie took the cake with this 10 month old beard. 
he went for this...
To this...
And while Blake and I were at a candy store before the beach we saw colorful fake mustaches. We had to get them for all the nieces and nephew to get in on the fun this year.
The rest of the Beach trip was filled with giant bubbles (by Brandon), drippy castles, mermaids, birthdays, a creepy cake (by Montana) and BIG hugs from little people. 


  1. Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard at this post! How funny! I especially loved the beard to half a curly mustache... hahaha

  2. I suck. I have had a reminder on my phone for a week and I keep snoozing it every night. Sorry I didn't send you the pictures... looks like you got some good ones though despite my crappiness!!

    And... I just thought you should know I just found Zack's RussStache a few days ago. I threw it away, but if he knew he would be really mad at me... he loved that thing!

  3. Oh my heck! All I could think of was how much fun Mark would have with Blake and his family! You guys are way too fun!