Thursday, June 23, 2011

Macaw Mountain

Well I guess we let our last story soak in a little. The past few weeks have been filled with sudying for semester finals, dropping Mom Santos and Little Brother Adam at the air port (they are in South Africa right now to visiting Jari yes I am very sad we were not able to go), and picking up another odd job at the clinic. So I hope you will forgive the delay on Honduras stories...
Day 7: May 5th
After taking two more buses from San Pedro Sula to get to the cute little city of Copan Runis, we wasted no time. We droped our stuff off at the hotel and took a taxi to the bird and butterfly parks. We will let the pictures tell the rest of this story.


  1. So cool Annalee! I love the pictures :)

  2. Amei!!! Lindo o local e tambem os meus sobrinhos tanto um como o outro.
    Tia Vaninha