Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And we had to go home

Day 9: May 7
After getting back from Copan we went to visit many families that are good friends with Blake. By the time we got back to San Pedro our camera battery was dead so we did not get any pictures with the lovely people we spent the day with.

Day 10: May 8
Our last day in Honduras was a Sunday so we went to church in San Antonio and spent the day with Karla and her son Jose Mario. 
 After Church Karla took us around to see the city a little. 
We even go to do a little service for this man (pictured behind me) needed help getting across the street. So Blake picked him up and carried him safely to the other side. 
 Then Karla wanted to take us to the park. Not only was it huge but everything in the park was made out of concert.  It was nothing like what we have here in the states. 
Before we headed to the air port we got to make one more stop to see a good friend. This is Jaffet, him and his entire family are converts of Blake. Jaffet's younger brother is currently serving his mission in Costa Rica.
And then we had to say our good byes. Our trip to Honduras was unforgettable. We had amazing experiences and I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful and loving people. One day we hope to make it back and visit our friends in Honduras again. 
 Oh, but we had to have one last baleada before we left. 

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