Friday, June 3, 2011

this is the day we got our sunburns...

Day 5: May 3rd
We had a lot planed for our last day on the Island. So we got up early and started at the Water Cave.
The water looked so nice, Blake wanted to jump in. I was a little apprehensive not knowing how we would be getting out once in the water. 
So we just dipped our toes in the cold water hoping to cool ourself off.
After the water cave we were on our way to go kayaking.  We just got a little lost.
And found ourselfs biking almost around the whole island.  But we made it fun, stopping at all the cute beaches.  The best thing about the beaches on Utila is that there is NO ONE there.  Everyone is under the water scuba diving so we had the place to ourself.
After Blake having to pull me away from the paradise you see above. We made it back to the city, and went to find kayaks.
Our plan was to kayak to the north side of the island.  The North side of the Island is abandoned from all human life. Because of the position of the island the north side gets hit the hardest during storms combined with it being a very low lying area, makes it difficult to build there. The north side is about 4 miles from town and there is no road or paths to get there. A massive mangrove swamp separates civilization from this part of the island. But... Blake, lived on the island and a local friend showed him a path he had made through the mangroves. 
It took us a little bit but we finally found the right canal. Yes that means we got lost again.
After 2 hrs we made it to the ocean.
While on the North side you feel 100% secluded from the world.  It is as if we were Castaway(remember the movie?).
Blake had the foresight to barrow a man's machete before we left, and he cut open some coconuts for us to drink. So this time he did not have to open it with his bare hands. 
Finally we had to turn back.  Hoping to make one more stop before the sunset. 
After a long day of caving, biking, and kayaking it was time to just relax and enjoy being in Honduras.  Bando Beach was the perfect place for that.  Again we had the place all to ourselves.
We stayed as long as possible, but we had to leave this beautiful scene for dinner with some friends. 

p.s. Blake and I started out the morning putting a little SPF 15 on our faces and a little on Blake's shoulders. In Florida we do not really burn, our trip to Miami we did not even bring sunscreen. But OH!, was that a bad idea. By the time we got to Bando every part of our arms and legs were red or in my case maroon. I have spent days in the sun and never been sunburnt so bad that my whole body peeled. The only other place I can remember getting a sunburn was my first beach trip in Brasil. Just remember when you are closer to the equator the sun is much more INTENSE!!!


  1. oh my goodness, that looks painful! but seriously, you guys are so much fun! I sometimes wish Mark and I had taken the time to have fun trips like this.

  2. wow! That looks so relaxing to be out in the middle of nowhere on the beach. I am going to go there one day!