Friday, May 27, 2011

Ocean, Bats and Sunsets

After monopoly the sun was still out, and Blake could not wait to show me a little more of the island.  So we got on the scooter for some exploring.  
My view from the back of the scooter ride... I could not say it better myself. 
So he took me to see the ocean.
And then Blake took me to the "bat house".  Really it is just a 5 story, unfinished, abandoned house at the top of a little hill.  Oh and it is now the home of thousands of bats. Now I was not really up for this little adventure.  Walking up 5 flights of narrow stairs, in a creepy house, with the anticipation of bats flying at me from all angles. No thanks! But Blake really wanted me to go...     
   so I went.
Not only did Blake want me to go, he also wanted me to take pictures. But because I did not want to stand up straight the bats where not in the picture.  Like I really cared... I just wanted to get out of there. What was his solution?  He wanted me to throw rocks up at them so they would fly down and be in the picture. After a lot of convincing this is what came of it. 
This is true love.
After finishing our little photo shoot we climbed to the roof of the house. 
And the view made everything worth it.  I even was glad Blake took me to the "bat house".  This has to be the best view on the island.
You can see the whole town from here. (there is only one town on Utila)
The last thing Blake wanted to show me was an Utila sunset.  He always said they were the best, and I think you would agree. 
Some of these sunset where taken on his mission, hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


  1. Wow, that is gorgeous! It is amazing what we do for true love isn't it?

  2. I am loving all of the posts about your trip. I can't wait to hear how it went with the big whale things. :)

  3. T.R.U.E. love!! crazy bat girl!! :)