Saturday, June 25, 2011

Copan Ruins

Day 8: May 6th

We were very fourchunet to stay with memebers of the Church on our trip up till this point. But Blake did not know anyone that lived in Copan so we had to get a hotel. We had made reservations to stay at the $7 a night Iguana Azul. But when we got there they said we had missed our reservation because it was written down that we should have arrived the night before (sorry we would have but our bus got robbed). They had given away our reservation and were now FULL. But they had a $35 room available at their sister bed and breakfast La Casa de Cafe. At this point in our trip $35 for hot showers and breakfast sounded reasonable. And it was...
The bed was comfy and the place was beautiful, looking out to the mountains and hammocks all over.

After the bird park we came and napped till our bellies told us it was time to hit the town for some food. 
First Stop, Tres Leches
Second, Coconut Pop, and Frozen Chocolate Banana 
                             And Third Pupusas
The town of Copan is so small the cute. You can walk almost anywhere. Even if you are walking up the mountain there are many work trucks that would be glad to give you a ride (we never caught a ride but were offered many times). So the next morning we walked the short path to the Ruins.
Not only did we get to walk around and see the remains of the ancient city, but we also paid a little more to enter the indoor museum full of the detailed artifacts. The artifacts in the museum are the more unique pieces that have been placed inside to be protected from the elements and thieves. At first we did not know if it would be worth the money.... But it truly was. 
After spending the whole morning and most of the afternoon touring the Ruins, we walked around the city.
More Tres Lecahes and Flan

After two good nights of sleep, and two amazing breakfasts, we  were ready to head back to San Pedro Sula.
Tropical Banana Soda

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  1. Remember that one time I spent a month doing stuff like this and then lost all the pictures? Yeah, me too. Ugh. This post just makes me angry about that.

    But it looks like you guys had fun. :)