Friday, May 13, 2011

10 hrs in a Car, Just to Register for Summer Classes

This story really starts Wednesday after STATS class.  I was trying to sign up for more online classes to take over the summer.  So after 4 hrs on the phone with the school in Miami I found I had two choices… only take two classes this summer or drive to Miami and hand deliver my transcripts so that I would be able to sign up for more classes.  While thinking over my choices a childhood memory of my father came to mind. 
My family used to always watch the show survivors.  We would joke that my Dad should apply because he would be SOOOOOO funny and who knows he could win.  After graduating as a physicians assistant he really did make an audition tap.  When I think of graduating and finally entering the world of work, going on the show survivor sounds better to me as well.  Growing up is scary.  Anyway He did not finish the tape until the night before it was due.  It being too late for overnighting (yes, I made that a verb) the footage he took a plane from Portland to LA, so he could hand deliver it.  No, my Dad was never on Survivor and Yes, he is crazy;
but he implosive example rubbed off on me and helped me make my decision to take a day trip to Miami. 

So we got the oil changed and I was up at 1:55 am.  To my surprise Blake had written me a cute note waiting for me in the Kitchen.  Mainly reminding me not to forget my papers, not to die while driving and directing me to the getaway breakfast he made, consisting of 2 cookies a glass of milk and popcorn, along with a HUG Jug of water to take on the trip.  

After getting everything I need I was on my way.  Again Blake surprised me with a clean car (inside and out),  and the passenger all seat up like this. 
  1. Chap stick
  2. “I’m a Mormon” pass-along cards
  3. Peanut M$M’s
  4. Aloe Relief (for this sunburn I got in Honduras)
  5. Quarters for tolls
  6. The complete seat of John Bytheway DC’s
  7. And in the cup holder he had a cup of sunflower seeds
  8. He also filled up the car with gas
Now we have a Prius not to save the environment but to save us money on gas.  I am happy to say I got to Miami and I did not even have to fill the10 gal. tank.

It took over 5 hrs, but I handed in my transcripts right as the office doors opened.  The two classes I needed only had 1 spot left and I was lucky to have gotten there first. 

After registering for classes I got to explore the campus a little.

Then spent $210 on books.

And just drove around before getting on the long road home.


10 hrs in the car (only 2 hrs in the city) = 5 John Bytheway CD’s, Pandora, Junk food, Wishing it was not expensive to call South Africa and millions of love bugs splattered all over the car.

This picture was taken at the beginning of the massacre... I could barely see out the window when I got home.  


  1. What a memory!!! What a sweet husband too :). Glad you got your classses!

  2. Wow! What a drive, good thing Blake knows what you'll need. I love your blogs new look :)

  3. Whew, what a day!! I'm glad you got there just in time :)