Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Under the Sea!!!

Day 4: May 2
This was the day we where waiting for, we have been saving all our extra change and cash since we got married for this moment. 
This little piggy bank is one of my favorite wedding gifts (thanks Anderson family)
It was the day we planed to scuba dive and swim with whale sharks. After asking around everyone said there had been no whale sharks seen in the past 3-6 weeks. No one was optimistic about the whole thing. Sometimes they will see them everyday for months, then for not reason they disappear for a few weeks. With those odds we decided to keep our money. But that did not take away from the beauty we saw under the water. 
 We went on two separate dives. The water was warm and clear, just look at the pictures of where the boat dropped us off. 
As soon as we jumped in the water we didn't know where to begin, the coral reef was never ending. Fish of all colors, shapes and sizes were shooting in and out of the maze of coral. 
Our first dive was on a massive wall of coral, starting at about 15 feet from the ocean's surface. We slowly went deeper and deeper not even realizing how deep we had gotten till we started to feel a little funny, and noticed that Blake's depth gauge read 92 feet. Even at that depth the gigantic wall of coral and fish kept on going down as far as we could see. From left to right all you could see was more and more reef. We explored for about 45 minutes trying to examine every creature and just admiring the beauty of the underwater world. 
Blake made these turtle shell traveling wedding bands for us the night before we left for Honduras.  
We hope you enjoy some of the many pictures we took on our dives. Our little camera tried it's hardest to capture all the many colors but the deeper we got the more blue every picture became. You will just have to take a trip to Utila to truly appreciate the beauty.
Can you see the fish?
This little guy was hard to see, but one of the coolest. Look closely he looks just like the stone.
This is a Lion Fish.. remember the fish fry?
Blake was most excited to see some Caribbean reef squid
Everything was just amazing. I see how some people go to the island for a week and dive everyday they are there. In just our 2 dives we saw so much, one thing not pictured was a crab the size of Blake head... it was very intimidating. 
This trip was worth ever penny we saved in our piggy bank.


  1. This is awesome! You guys are soo cute and have so much fun. Love it.

  2. Dude, those scuba pictures look amazing. I want to go there really bad!