Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Iguana Hunting

This is Juancito, and he's a bushman.
Juancito is another friend Blake made while serving on Utila. He lives way out in the bush away from everyone. One of the service projects Blake and Elder Beach did was to help Juancito begin the building of his house. Blake said it was the hardest day of service he ever had. 
This was the little boat they took to get the logs back to the bush.
There was a specific type of wood that grew in abundance on the hardest place to get to on the island. That is where Blake, Elder Beach and Juancito cut hundreds of pieces of wood. Then carried them through the swamp and stickers. After collecting and starting the construction of the house, Blake had to leave before he got to see the finished house in the bush. 
Blake was very excited to see how the whole thing turned out. 
This is Jauncito's house now.
Now he live away from the city, his land if filled with bananas, mangos and cashew trees. And of course his back yard leads right into the bush. After Scuba Diving Juan was excited to see us and quickly started having us taste fruit from all his trees.

And it was our lucky day because he had just gotten honey. Fresh honey straight from the hive, with bees still in it. It was sweeter then anything you can find at the store.
He was squeezing it out of the cone to sell.
After lunch we went Iguana Hunting...
this video is a little what it is like to go iguana hunting. Blake took this one when he was a missionary. 

some of the Iguana did not fall to the ground... so Juancito and his nephew had to climb what seemed like 60ft up to go get them.

All in all we got 4 good size iguanas to eat
So the next day after our sunburns, we ate a beautiful iguana dinner. 
The feast was yuca, onion, tomatoes with of course Iguana meat and Iguana eggs.
A  perfect last dinner on the Island. 

Here are a few random pictures we took while in Utila.

Baleadas for breakfast...
Alexia playing with us before she goes off to school.
It was sad to go, but we had a few more people and places we wanted to see before our trip to Honduras was over. So early the next morning we said good-bye to Utila and were on our way to Pulapanzak.


  1. oh Annalee, you are braver than me, girl. I'm not sure I would dare eat some of the stuff you are eating... honey with bees in it, iguana, iguana EGGS... Blake is lucky to have you!!

  2. oh my goodness where have i been??? It's been too long since i've check up on your sweet blog Annalee! Looks like you've been having the adventure of a life time exploring your sweetheart's mission stomping grounds!! LOVED every single photo! how was the iguana?? :)

    and thanks for entering and being up for the pay it forward challenge! :)

  3. Hello Annalee, How are you? I accidentally found your website. It was very entertaining. I'm an ESL teacher in Virginia and I was talking about how we miss Kevin who was an ESL student here in Virginia. He missed iguana eggs and well, we were curious as a class to see what was up with iguana eggs and how it's prepared. We had fun in class looking at the iguana hunting. It was very comical.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, where is Kevin from?