Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tiago Visits Miami

Tiago, my 1st cousin once remover (I think I got that right) but he calls me aunt, got to stay with us on his way to Brasil this week. He had a two and a half day layover, so he could come spend time with us. Only having a few days with him we tried to do as much as possible. The first night he met Boggie (our flying squirrel) and the two scarlet snakes Blake found road cruising the other night. Tiago instantly fell in love. I don't think he put the snakes down once while in the apartment. It was cute how he talked to them and tucked them in at night. He would have held Bogie just as much if he could. The Rubio girls came over the first day to swim and eat Liz's (Blake's Mom) sweet rolls I made. The girls had never had homemade cinnamon rolls and once you have had Liz's, you will never go back to store bought. While at the pool Tiago saw the mango tree and wanted to climb to get one to eat. All the low ones had been taken, so he settled for one I had at the house. That evening we took him and Sophia out to see alligators, Blake can't have someone visit Florida without seeing a gator. Day two I took him to the Miami Children's Museum, there he kicked some butt rock climbing. It was so nice having him over. I love my barbecue sauce eating, best hug giving, polite and fun little cousin. He is going to have a blast in Brazil, wish I could have fit in his suitcase. 

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