Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shark Valley

Shark Valley is a little National Park about 30-45 minutes from our apartment. We do not know how it got the name, because there are NO sharks and it is NOT a valley. But it's a good 15 mile nature walk. You able to rent bikes or take a tour on a little tram as well. But the main reason people visit Shark Valley is to see the alligators. 
The Belliston first took us here for a combined Family Home Evening. We went at night, which was fun and free (normal enter fee is $10 a car). We were armed with flashlights, bug stray, and dryer sheets (to help with the bugs as well).
We have gone back a few times since then; Saturdays with friends, taking the missionaries for their P-day, visitors, and it's a good man date for Blake and his brother Bryan. It is a cool place to get up close and personal with all kinds of wildlife. Here are some photos from our (mostly Blake's) many trips to Shark Valley.

Now when people think of alligators they think of this...

Some feel that given the chance these beasts would charge and eat you for lunch, like a lion or something. And if they were as big as a lion they might... but they're not. If this were the case Shark Valley would be a lawsuit waiting to happen, because gators are truly just laying along side the walk way. Most the time they just lay there sunning themselves minding their own business.
So if you are ever in town, and want to see an alligator, now you know where to go.

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  1. Wow, those are really great photos. I still don't want to go there though. And it's not because I am afraid of being's that I am afraid I might have to watch my son being eaten!!