Sunday, April 17, 2011

We know, those Rolls that are Sweet and Cinnamini

Blake being a "good ol southern boy" as my extended family would call him, and me being raised in the North/West by a Mom from Colorado and a Dad who's first language is Portuguese, lets just day we have different ways for saying things.  Like Blake adds the letter "L" to many words, such as Draw = DrawL and Saw = SawL, I add an "L" to the word both to =boLth.  He says pillow and I say pellow.  But not only do we pronounce things differently, we also have complete different words for the same object.  Like is it a shopping cart or buggy?  Pop or soda?  But when it comes to Sweet roll or Cinnamon roll it does not matter how you say it, they are boLth traditions in the Russ and Santos homes.

Sweet Rolls
Blake's Mom has been making sweet rolls around the Dec. holidays for as long as Blake can remember, now she makes them every New Years Bon Fire.  I did not blog about the bond fire we had this year, mainly because the only thing I wrote about that weekend was:

  • Clean for New Year party
  • pack some stuff to move to Gainesville
  • Watch the boys build a 33ft bon fire
  • prepare food for NY party
  • Have NY party and see the 33ft structure become coals
  • Eat 2 maybe 10 of Liz's sweet rolls
  • Clean up from NY party till 4am
  • Sleep
  • Pack up the rest of the room and clean
  • Move everything Blake and I own to Gville
  • have the santos family over (except Adam what a butt head)
  • Sleep
  • get up for what we think is 9 o-clock church
  • find out it is the new year and church is now at 1pm
  • drive back home to get stuff we forgot and give the truck back to Adam
  • make it back to Gville for church
  • find we left the apt key in the truck
  • drive back home to get the key
  • go to Donald Mckinney's farewell
  • make it to Gville by 8pm
  • unpack a little
  • read 
  • go to bed
  • first day to sleep in... and I'm up at 9am
SO here are some picture of the 33 ft Bon Fire the boys made.

My favorite part is the star on top and the little Christmas trees around the bottom.

The Brother's Russ have been making these Bon Fires for many years now and they keep trying to out do themselves.
Look how far they have come...
Yes, that is Blake
  The first time I was invited to Blake's house was to attend the 2007 burning.  
They are alway memorable and almost every year the police and firetrucks come to see.  This year we had 6-9 calls to the police before we even lit the thing.  Off duty fireman heard the explosion and knew where to come for all the excitement.  
Even with all the crazy flames and explosion, you ask anyone, and Liz's sweet rolls is one, if not the best reason to attend the Russ House New Years Bonfire.  

Cinnamon Rolls
Now the Santos family has been addicted to Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls ever since I can remember.  We have them religiously twice a year, for General Conference.  I remember living in Vancouver Washington and driving to the Lloyd Center in Portland to pick them up the Saturday of Conference weekend.  No better way to get a kid up at 9AM then the promise of Cinnabon.  
The tradition almost stopped when we moved to Florida because we did not have a Cinnabon "near by".  But the Santos Siblings did not let that happen.  Now my mom follows a Cinnabon recipe that we all love more then the real thing.  And even though Conference starts at 12 now and not 9 we still enjoy our afternoon snack of Cinnamon Rolls.  
I tried really hard to make the cinnamon rolls for the April Conference... lets just say I had to start over 3 time.  But by the beginning of the 2nd session they were done.  

Call them Sweet Rolls, call it a Cinnamon Rolls, either way every child should have a tradition.


  1. Were those pictures, of the 2010/2011 one taken by a Sir Wesley Heim?

  2. Some where my dear cuban/american friend.

  3. Haha this is so funny - I especially love the list of all you had to do! (Oh, and I have always called them cinnamon buns ;)