Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Road Cruising

Remember when we went crocodile hunting? Well after the sunset we were ready to road cruise. What is road cruisin'? It's really simple, just drive the roads (we go at night because that is when the pavement is hotter then the grass) and look for reptiles or amphibians sitting on or crossing the road. This can also be called herping, herp being a term for reptiles and amphibians. One reason Blake was excited about moving to Miami was because of the everglades python "invasion". We hoped that by driving down in Everglades National Park at night we would see a python. This trip we had no luck with the pythons but we found a lot of other cool snakes. Count for the night: 3 cotton mouths, 2 eastern green water snakes, brown water snake, red rat snake, a frog and scorpion. I'm glad Blake has Devin, who is just as into these kinds of things, and I have Krysta who can sit in the back seat with me and make fun of our husbands being nerds. To be honest though Krysta and I have fun as well. We are getting into the whole road cruisin' thing, if we weren't we would probably stay home and hang out there. So you can find us four driving the road on any random night looking for pythons. Oh, and while in the Everglades be prepared for the elevation change, it's a real ear popper. 


  1. I have never heard of this! That's so neat!

  2. I love your blogs! Thanks for keeping them coming. It is great to know what your children are up to, even if it dangerous.

    1. Mom, Don't you mean "DanjaRuss"?