Monday, April 9, 2012


Blake and I spent this Easter apart. I was flying home from Jari's graduation in Rexburg ID, while Blake enjoyed an Easter lunch and baptism with his family. Blake kept texting me all the good food and fun I was missing out on. Mama Russ did an amazing job on her bunny bread.
Mama Santos surprised us with little cups filled with candies. She knows her kids: Cadbury Eggs for Me, Lindor Truffles for Jari, and Resse's for Adam.
The rest of the day was spent on the cold plane. Enjoying my airplane shaped cookies, hot chocolate and a book I can't wait to burn.
Even though Easter was not spent with strangers on a plane, and it made my day that mom remembered the fun of little egg shaped candies. It was nice to take a moment and think of Christ. He is risen, He is the son of God, and He knows our pains. What joy that brings to my life.
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  1. That food does look really good! It's too bad you guys had to be apart.