Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yesterday was probably one of the best days of the year. 
All craziness came to an end, and school gave me a random day off. 
The Beach in Costa Rica

What was the craziness?

For the past three months I have been studying for one test, a test that I was not guaranteed to even be selected to take. I had all but given up and even quit studying for a week. Then on March 23rd I got the e-mail saying I was one of the 200-250 (out of the 700+ who applied) to take the PA admissions test on April 10th. At first I was excited, then looking at the calendar found this had to be the worse possible day to the big test.
I had 3 exams the week before, was skipping a class Thursday to go to Jari's Graduation. Only would get to study while on the 5+ hour plane ride... because who can study while the whole family is together? I would for sure come home Sunday sleep deprived and unpreared to take such a test on Tuesday with 70% of the questions being like this...

A 42-year-old man with portal hypertension secondary to cirrhosis of the liver and subsequent massive ascites presents to the ER. He refuses to have a transjugular intrahpatic portosystemic shunt procedure and prefers surgery. Which of the following surfical connections is involved in the most practical method of shunting portal blood around the liver?

But apparently I was wrong. I mean sure, I could have used a few more hours of study. The exam was on anatomy, medical terminology, medical math, microbiology, and a random essay. But after the three-hour test I acrually felt good about it. I don't know if I was just glad it was over or what. Either way, I feel good.

So what does one do with a random day off school?

 Sleep in an extra hour.

Turn on pandora as a clean the whole house. I cannot remember the last time I vacuumed; Blake has been the sole house and car cleaner for a few months while I was studying. He's the best!

Then cook a dinner that take longer the 10 minutes.

Make Emily's Cookies.

Watch Blake study for a test.

Feel a sense of freedom all day long.

I even had time to pick up a stranded brother-in-law at the Miccosukee Village out in the Everglades. It’s a good thing the test was not tomorrow or I might have made him walk the 30 miles back to civilization.

And the semester is almost OVER!!!

Yesterday I felt a glimpse of what graduating must feel like.


  1. Can I just tell you how proud I am that I (in the form of my cookies) made the list! Hooray for days off!

    1. Emily, I made your cookies again today!!!!!!!! We are addicted!!!! My new diet is to NOT make your cookies, I'm expecting to loose about 10 lbs.

  2. That week sounds insane! I hope you rocked your test and I hope the rest of the semester FLIES by for you! :)

  3. SOOOO excited for you, ONE that you got to take the exam, TWO that you feel good about it, and THREE that it is over!!! Oh and I'm excited for me and Bryan that you could save my sketchy man from his ordeal :), THANKS!!! Keep us posted.