Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good Morning Miami

One Saturday Morning, Blake had the idea of waking up early, driving to the beach and watching the sunrise. Not a bad idea, so we woke up and made it to the beach by 6:30am. Being Jaunuary the weather was just cool enough to wear a longsleved-T (my favorite winter clothes). Not only did we get to watch the sunrise but it was nice to have the beach almost all to ourselves, peace and quiet with no rush. It turned out there was just enough clouds to make the sunrise extra pretty.
This guy had the right idea.
This guy did not.
Leaving the beach we drove home to have brunch with some friends, they introduced us to cachapas. One of Blake's new favorite meals, he would make them everyday if I let him. After eating we went and explored a new beach, we had hoped to kayak and maybe see some manatees. But their advertivment online was way off from what they really charge to rent kayaks. So we enjoyed the sun and flipped over rocks to see what kind of wild life we could find. 
The best thing we saw by far was a little baby puffer fish. We have seen tons of puffer fish while scuba diving, but never have we seen them actually puff up before. It was so cute, I wish we could have taken it home. We figured it would have a better chance of surviving back where we found it. 
On the way home from the beach we found a Krispy Kreme!!! Blake and I have been looking for one since we moved to Miami, so we stopped in for a dozen hot and ready. Good thing it is still a little far from the apartment for daily visits.
After getting home and showering off the saltyness from the day, Blake and I ended the night with dinner at Verailles. Verailles is a Cuban restaurant built in the 1970's, located off calle 8 in little Havana. The food was wonderful, yuca, plantains, roasted pork, Cuban bread, and of course beans and rice. Not only was the food good but I loved the environment as well. The photo we got doesn't give it justice, the walls are covered in vintagey mirrors and  chandeliers with bright lights. 
If anyone is planing a trip down to Miami we will be glad to accompany you to Versailles anytime.


  1. Reading your post made me miss Florida so much!! That sun rise looks amazing. I especially liked that hobos little belly poking out there. haha So happy for you and your husband, but still slightly jealous that you guys get to live in Florida. :)


  2. WOW! The picture just after your knees with the sun behind the clouds is beautiful! I miss sunrises over the ocean.