Monday, February 13, 2012

Key Kamping

For my birthday this year Blake took me camping on Big Pine Key, about 30 miles from Key West. We were lucky to have gotten an open camp site, normally you have to reserve 11 months in advance (they say), plus it was the busy season. So on the morning of Friday February 10th we packed up food, water and snorkeling gear so that we could leave right after school got out. The main reason we chose to camp on Big Pine was because it is where the majority of the Key Deer can be found. Key Deer are like little mini white-tailed deer. They grow to be no more then 75 pounds and about 25-30 inches tall. Anyway Blake and I really hoped we would be able to see some. It turned out, right after we set up our tent and began to cook dinner a little deer walked into our camp site. It did not stay very long but we were happy to have seen one. They reminded me more of a dog then a deer. 
We cooked Ho-Bo dinners (one of my favorite things about camping) with key-lime soda.  
One of the things I don't like about camping is the s'mores. The idea of s'mores always sounds so good. But it takes to much time and effort to toast the perfect marshmallow, plus they always become such a sticky disaster. I alway seem to suffer through the mess for the yummy taste though. Thanks to pinterest, this camping trip we did not make the traditional s'mores. Instead of bringing gram-crackers I picked up some waffle cones from Carvel. When we were ready for desert we stuffed the cones with all the s'more goodness. We used Symphony bar, marshmallows and some oreos. The best thing about the waffle cone s'mores is you can add anything you want. After stuffing the cones to the max, wrap it in aluminum foil and let it cook over hot coals. 
We did take off the USA wrapper before cooking. 
When they are done you just take off the foil and enjoy. Definitely a wonderful substitute for a Birthday cake. 
After dinner we looked out at the ocean and watched the moon raise. First time I have ever seen the moon "raise" but it definitely was raising.  
We ended the night of my Birthday with a movie cuddled up in our little tent by the water. 
Happy 21st to me.
We started the next morning off with some Ho-Bo breakfasts and fresh fruit. Then we went to explore the Keys a little more.
We asked some locals where we could see more Key Deer, little did we know all you have to do is drive through the town. They are literally walking through people's front yards. 
We stopped at garage sales (good place to find used scuba gear at garage sales in the keys), art shows, old bridges and random abandoned houses.
Once again Blake got us coconuts for a mid-day snack.
It still impresses me how good he has gotten at opening coconuts with his hands. The meat in these were just the way I like to eat them. 
We were having so much fun that we forgot to stop and eat (except for coconuts). Before we left the keys we had too stop for key lime pie. So once back on Key Largo we stopped at the fish house for a pie fix. They serve a wonderful pie toped with a high peak of meringue. But being to broke to eat a full dinner at the fish house we drove to the high quality golden corral for dinner back on the main land.

Just when I thought my Birthday celebration was over Blake surprised me with a little "Milk Martini". One of my favorite desserts is oreos dipped in milk, so what better way for us non-drinkers to still have fun on a 21st Birthday. Oreo was even having limited edition Birthday Cake flavor... 
Kamping in the Keys was a fun little Birthday get away. Can't wait till the next exuse we have to go back.


  1. You guys are toooo cute. I love the way you document your "family history". Your kids are going to love these blogs.

  2. You guys are totally cute. I am jealous of the fun adventures you have!!

  3. Sometimes I worry about how much fun you and Blake have. Like what if Karma gets mad and decides it's going to make you both paralyzed or something...I think you should take a break from all this fun until I get home. That's probably a good idea.