Thursday, October 7, 2010


Our Honey Moon to Mexico at the Blue Bay Esmeralda
When we walked into the room we thought the plate and towels were the coolest thing ever.  
Blue Bay is known for all its animal life all over the resort.  We saw these raccoon looking things and iguanas everywhere.  We always carried trail mix just in case so Blake could feed and maybe catch one.
But the only one he really feed was a real raccoon in the hallway to our room. 
They had all you can drink bars everywhere.
Blake became friends with the bar tenders so we got a lot of crazy things without alcohol.
But nothing beat the pina colada.  
The whole time we were in Mexico I wanted to drink some coconut water.  I have missed that stuff since I lived in Brasil.  But they added alcohol to ALL THE COCONUTS!!!  I could not believe it and it really did make me a little mad.  But Blake being the best guy every piked a coconut off of one of the trees and broke it open for me. 
He really is the best.

We did leave the resort a few times to explore mexico.  The taxi's where charging people 10X as much as they should have because we were staying at a resort but Blake and I got around that.  We just walk out to the road and took and "colectivo" which is where all there random people get in a van that takes you were you need to go.  We payed $4.00 instead of $40.00 and that is not a joke.  Plus we got to travel with a lot of interesting people.  So we got to spend our money on different things like

Taking a boat to La Isla Mujeras and going snorkeling,

and touring the small city.
And we could not leave Mexico without scuba diving.
But there was a lot to do back at Blue Bay as well like,
Sailing.  This was my first time sailing and it was just Blake and I.  It was a little scary but I loved it. 
 and live music.
and just having fun on the beach.
But the best part was all the food.


  1. Thanks, guys, now I feel like my honeymoon was lame. I guess I have our 10 year anniversary this summer to make up for it.

  2. ha ha... I was just thinking "man, that makes our honeymoon look lame..." Glad Johnny put down in writing that we'll make up for it soon!! You guys are totally cute. Love the blog and love that you post as Mr. & Mrs DanjaRuss. Love it. Love you guys!!

  3. YEAH!!! So glad you have a blog and love the pics!!!

  4. That looks like the best honeymoon! I am jealous. It was fun to see all your pictures! Thanks for sharing!