Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santos Family Cruise

So we took a Disney Cruise to Nassau and the Disney Island of Cast away Cay.  And here is my top 10 reasons why this was an amazing family vacation.  

The beach

Well everyone that has been on a Cruise always talks about the food.  And yes it was amazing not having to cook or clean.
 plus we loved our server 


Well Blake and I work all the time we do not get to go out to the movies a lot.  And I know we would not have gone to see Tangled in theaters if it was not being shown on the boat at 12:01 the day it came out on.

And it was such a GOOD movie I loved it!

5k run
The day we spent on Castaway Cay they had a 5k run at 8:30am.  I did not know about this before the cruises but I really wanted to run so I took my mom's shoes (I'm a size 9.5 and she is an 8) and Jari's shorts and got ready for the race.  Blake got up with me and I thought he was just going to walk me to start because he had flip-flop's and swim trunks on.  I still did not know he was planning on running till the race almost started.  He began the race in flip-flop's then went to just his bare feet.  If you do not think that is crazy he also came is 3rd, I came in 4th.  (He has never past me in a race before)
 but it did not come with out blister...

Games Show
The first night Jari and Adam got on a family game show.  It was a lot of fun, they almost won but there was a family full of Disney fanatics that took the gold.  Silver was okay.

Bike Ride

Junkanoo well we had not idea what this funny word was before we went on our cruise but after a tour and a little history lesson we soon realized how cool the Bahamian tradition is.

I loved learning about the cloture but we also toured many of the forts and learned about the history of the City.
the Queen's staircase
The Disney Magic
Every night there was a show to go see before dinner.  Not only was it family friendly it was amazing.  The singing, the dancing, the way they could change the stage for every scene, and having all the characters.  What else it there to love?
Disney does it right... need I say more.

 being with the family

We got to see them build this Ginger Bread house over the 4 days we were there.

This is for our friends that live up north... 


  1. That sounds SO fun! I can't believe that Blake ran a 5K without shoes and that you ran it with shoes that are too small!!! I would be dying by the end of it. I am very jealous of your cruise. Makes me dream of going on another cruise! Glad you shared your fun!

  2. Looks like so much fun. I'm so glad ya'll got to go. I too am in amazement that you ran and did as well as you both did in that condition!!!

  3. AnnaLee , I love your blog, to see my brother Tôtô and yours, congrats!