Thursday, April 5, 2018

Christmas in New York City 2017

On Christmas morning the Santos family in Florida caught a flight to NYC, where we met up with Jari who took the train up from DC. We all met up at the hotel to exchange a few small gifts. This included a few special dress up clothes for LC. These were a life saver because we had forgotten LC's entire suit case at home. So, instead of wearing the cutest warm velvet dress I picked out especially for this trip, we took Queen Elsa to dinner. She was thrilled and braved the cold well (her snow suit ended up making it in another suitcase, so at least she had a coat). This lead to the next day starting out with a 3 year old shopping spree in NYC... kinda wished I has forgotten my suitcase. 

After a morning of shopping we headed to the Museum of Natural History. 
LC ended up playing dress up throughout the following days. 
^^taking a break under the sperm whale.^^
After the museum we trying to find FAO Schwarz toy story to play on the giant piano, only to find it closed. Sad, but instead we found this little place to have tea and hot chocolate. It was a perfect little tea party.  
 Blake then took LC walking around exploring the city, then back home to watch a movie. While the rest of us ended the night crying our eyes out at Dear Evan Hanson. The entire original cast was there except Evan Hanson himself, Ben Platt. We could not spend time in NYC and not see a show, it is probably one of our biggest weakness. 
Then off to Lexington we went. Stopping by The Bagel Store for rainbow bagels for the ride. LC was pretty excited to be eating rainbows for breakfast. 

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