Friday, April 6, 2018


After spending time in the city, we drove up to Lexington, where we stayed in a cute cabin. Our time there was spent either playing in the snow, relaxing inside, reading, or playing games. It was nice having time with family, and away from everything. We had no Wifi which was perfect. 
^^LC found a way to play the old school arcade game at the local dinner after a day in the car. 
And notice the weather. People kept warning us about frost bite, which is just weird to wrap my florida mind around. 
^^Nena taught LC the art of snow angles.
We spent some time sledding behind the cemetery... this was where we were told the best sledding was. 
^^LC getting snow right in the face... there is a hilarious video to come. 
Our day on the slopes.  This was LC's and my first time skiing. We both had a wonderful time. My first attempt down slop was a thrilling experience. I was going so fast and was completely out of control. Even while trying my hardest to master the pizza there was no slowing my speed. I was laughing the entire way down, and was amazed I did not fall. This day brought me back to a childhood kind of fun. My mom on the other hand, who grew up skiing, came down with perfect form and composure. 
LC was having fun herself, even when she was overly tired she wanted to stay on the slopes. Looking forward to going again. 

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