Sunday, January 28, 2018

Physical Assistant White Coat Ceremony

I have been MIA from most all social media since I started PA school last year. It is weird getting back to the blog after so long of being away. But Blake and I decided we love looking back at all these memories. So here we go again. Starting with the end of 2017 at my White Coat Ceremony. 
^^ These girls got me through school. Blake and Lizzy supported me and helped me from home. However, without these girls inside the classroom I would not have survived this year. 
^^ finding the family in the crowd... my eyes were only for Lizzy. She has not understood why I have been so absent this past year, and yet still loves me. 
^^ #1 husband of the year. He spent the year being and doing everything! working full-time and coming home to cleaning, cooking, taking care of bedtimes, planning play dates and Saturday adventures. He let me spend 10-12 hours at the library on Saturdays and every free minute studying. Out of all this he only asked once if I would come home early from the library.  If I were ever getting down on my self for slacking at home, he would only lift me up and make me feel better. It was sad not spending as much time with Lizzy this year, but it has been a special year seeing them grow closer.
^^ I could not ask for a better support system. 
 ^^ best desk mate ever!!!
I remember my Dad's PA graduation when I was 9. At the time I was struggling in school. All I wanted was to follow in his footsteps, but never thought I would be able to. As my own graduation gets closer I can't believe how far I have come. I have loved, and hated PA school. There were times I didn't think I could make it through didactic year. There were times I didn't want to spend another day studying. There has been a lot of sacrifices from everyone this year, but we have all come out better people. 
I thought I was continuing my education for myself. I wanted to be here since I was 9. Something I needed to take time away from my family to do. But by doing so I am surprised how I came out a better person for my family. 
Now I'm off to a year of rotations in different medical specialties. I'm excited to get out of the class room and seeing patients. But more importantly spending more time with my family. 

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