Monday, September 8, 2014

Brasil 2014

The rest of our time in Brasil was spent beach hopping, hanging out with family, and eating. It was Blake first time in Brasil so we took him to all our favorite places around my Dad's home city of Maceio. It was a nice relaxing trip, we were expecting the winter to bring lots of rain, but we were blessed with endless sunny days. 

-Praia do Frances-
One of my favorite beaches for surfing, buying earrings and other randomness from vendors, listening to music, drinking pineapple drinks and relaxing. When in high school there was rarely a weekend I did not spend here with family or friends. 
^^queijo de coalho or fried cheese. I love this stuff and I'm glad Blake did too, because I have been talking it up for years. ^^

-Piscina Natural-
Maceio is a coastal city with many reefs just a few miles off shore. In some places this makes a natural pool or permanent sand bar. There you get to enjoy the calm, warm water, while surrounded by tropical fish with the city as a back drop. 

-Barra Sao Miguel-
A wonderful beach to just relax in the clam water with the reef/rocks just off shore. We swam out to the rocks in the hopes of walking along top, but the tied was already coming in and it was a little dangerous. Both Jari and I got urchin in our feet. Nothing to serious, we were still able to enjoy the rest of our day at the beach. 

Our last few days we spent at pratagy. Everyday there was spent on the beach, playing frescobol or volleyball, and reading books. The evening we watching soccer games or playing pool.

But really the best part of going to Brasil is seeing family. We were lucky to spend everyday surrounded by the people we love the most. 

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