Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day on Silver Springs

It was so nice having Jari down for labor day weekend. Thanks to her we decided to get out and do something other than chores. As labor day normally indicates the end of summer for the rest of the country, we here in Florida still have a few more months of crazy hot "summer" days left. So our goal was to get Jari out for her last "day on the water" for the year. 
We chose Silver Springs with the hopes of spotting some monkeys as we canoed the river. We saw alligators, fish, birds, and other usual critters. Then on the home stretch back to the dock mom saw some movement up in the trees, and we finally found monkeys! I'm telling ya, we seem to have some good luck when going out to see some Florida wildlife
So if your looking for a peaceful little excursion I would highly recommend a day on Sliver Springs. 

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