Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sedona Az.

Jari and I had our own western road trip in the summer of 2009, it was the best sister trip EVER!! On that trip Sedona was one of our stops. I knew my Mom would love the place so we made sure to fit it in our plans. You just can't beat the red rock, green trees, and water ways throughout the valley, its like Christmas. We rolled in just in time for dinner at the cowboy club grille, where we tried buffalo, rattlesnake, cactus fries, and more fry bread. This is also where Adam downed the remains of the chocolate syrup from dessert. We left that place 100% satisfied. While we walked down main street we could not stop ourselves from ducking into a few shops where we picked up a nice cheep Indian blanket, fudge (I know even after our dessert from dinner), and dirt shirts. One thing the desert has over the tropics is that in the evening it is nice and cool, perfect for walks and fires. Here at home we work up a sweet at night walking around in the summer. So it was fun enjoying a cool summer evening. The next morning we got up and loaded into a pink jeep for a little bouldering. This trip was not only an adrenaline rush driving up and down steep rocky trails, but was nice and scenic, especially first thing in the morning. Totally worth waking up early on vacation to get views like this without the crowds. Plus we got back to the hotel and showered before check out, can't beat that. Before we left town we stopped and let the boys take a dip at slide rock where they cliff jumped and slid down the natural water slide. So sad we did not have more time to spend in Sadona. We had such a nice time that we are already planning a family trip back. 

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