Monday, October 21, 2013

Monument Valley

*not sure why some pictures are uploading blurry 
 ^^Blake's toe tough^^
 ^^ Adam's toe touch^^
After four corners we were off to the picture perfect scenery of Monument Valley. We see pictures of far off places posted on pinterest and travel guides all the time. And how many times do we think and wish to see such wondrous sights or land formations, but forget how many amazing things we have here in the U.S.? I mean people travel all over the world to come see stuff like this. We have seen pictures of this place our whole lives, it is the back drop of so many western films. So it was nice to finally getting it marked off the list of places to see. Monument Valley is a nice drive through park. So we drove along the bumpy road through what seemed like endless red sandstone buttes. It was amazing that even though everything looked very much the same, at every turn we would still look up in amazement at the uniqueness of the scenery. We got out and ran around, and even found a horse to ride. It is so different from the everyday Florida landscape.  The Valley is in the Navajo Nation, so I jumped at the chance of getting a cute turquoise ring I have been wanting. It reminds me of my oh so southwestern mother and her own childhood turquoise ring (that I have been refraining myself from stealing). We ended the day with a lunch of endless fry bread and Navajo tacos. Then everyone fell asleep as I drove us to our next stop, Sedona Az. 


  1. Beautiful scenery and pictures! You should have put up a picture of your ring ;) I want to see! We learned how to make fry bread and navajo tacos. They are so easy to make and so good!