Monday, September 30, 2013

Mesa Verde

Don't mind me over here. I'm still talking about our summer vacation. But to be fair, while the rest of you are enjoying fall I still have my ac on full blast. 

^^Balcony House^^

^^Cliff Palace^^
In the middle of July my Mom and I started the drive from Florida to her home state of Colorado. We got there just in time for the Manassa Pioneer day Celebration. We spent time with family and traditions I remember from my childhood summers. After the Celebration we had a week before our Thomas family reunion in Moab, so we made a western road trip out of it. So once Adam and Blake joined us we hit the road to Mesa Verde. I'm sure you have seen pictures of these amazing ruins of the ancestral puebloans (a new word I learned on our trip) who built their homes on the side of cliffs. Well it is not a disappointing view. You are able drive around and see lots of ruins. But a must stop is the Cliff Palace, you can take a tour but we just looked out in amazement at the largest cliff dwelling in the park. Then we got back in the car for our Balcony House tour, because you actually get to walk into the dwelling. My mom took a field trip to mesa verde in the second grade and all she would remember was climbing the "big ladder". We had a guide the whole way and if you are like me you will love all the interesting facts about these ancient people. 

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