Thursday, September 26, 2013

College a Love/Hate Relationship

This post is inspired from comments on my instagram and facebook.
Graduated high school 4 years ago, I should be close to graduating... right? To save you all the drama of why I will not be graduating any time soon, I'm just going to say moving from city to city did not help (but it sure was FUN). I'm just sitting here taking organic chemistry, physics, and biology lectures and labs as a non degree seeking senior, who is looking for any school that will take all my credits and give be a bachelors degree (that is not likely to happen so I'm just hoping to graduate in the next year and a half). Then off to a masters... but lets not get ahead of ourselves. So lately I have been bitter and complaining a lot little about school. But lets be honest... being a college student ROCKS!

College, it's the time in life where you can do whatever you want. Take a nap everyday at 3pm like a toddler. Wear your pj's all day everyday. Stay up and have a movie night in the middle of the week because your day does not start till after lunch. Maybe you have no money, and all you eat is hot dogs (blake) or popcorn (me) for dinner. And maybe you have weeks like this one where you go three days with less the 8 hrs of sleep total because of exams. But I love being a college student. I love being home with Blake almost all day. We sit at the kitchen table half studying, half distracting each other with youtube videos. I love that we share cool facts and thoughts about the subjects we are studying. Seriously I learn so much from Blake's classes. I love having one car because it forces us to spend even more time together. I even enjoy the homework, aside from the "my brain is growing to fast" headaches and the "I read this paragraph three times and still don't know what its saying" reading. So why do I complain so? I guess because that's just what people do. We always want to be somewhere different in our lives, whether it be the past or future. No more I tell you!

In summary, I LOVE MY LIFE! And I'm going to remind myself of that more often. So with that I'm going to go take a long nap.

But first here is an awesome article about happiness. 

and then there is this, because it made me laugh... 

Oh and Blake has already pre-approved tonight being a popcorn dinner and random movie kind of night. total score!


  1. haha. I love that. sometimes i wish I could go back... such a good reminder to love the stage I'm in!