Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Weekend in Ft Lauderdale with The Parents

don't mind the iphone photos
^^the view from our room^^

The weekend after Blake and I got back from our road trip my parents and Adam came down for a mini vacation. While they were here it was perfectly sunny, we spent one day at the seaquarium. Their dolphin exhibit and whale show were cool, you were able to get so close to the killer whale it was like I could touch it. But other than that it was not too impressive, I would not recommend spending the money to go. We also got some fruit and shakes at Robert is Here. The mangos were to die for, we ate them as we sat on the beach the next day. And oh how I loved our time at the beach. The day was not too hot and the water not too cold. I could have lived on that beach mattress/bed thing, it was awesome. That night we ate at BurgerFi and made a visit to the local movie theater. It is not a vacation with the Russ or Santos family without going to a movie. 

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