Monday, June 24, 2013

Miami Heat!

^^Heat vs Spurs: Game 6, WOW!! that was a game^^
^^Our Miami Family^^
^^Blake was jumping with me on his shoulders. We only fell once, but caught the T-shirt^^
^^love that girl, and her little basketball^^

Over the past two years of living in Miami it was only time before we became Heat fans. I have always said that basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch. Growing up across the river from Portland Oregon some of my favorite memories are going to a Blazer game with the family. It was fun seeing the whole city dress up in black and red supporting their team. Now I still wear the black and red only for a different team. We really got into the payoffs and have found a way to watch the games even without owning a TV (thanks Devin and Krysta for having us over every other night). So you can imagine our excitement last Thursday night when the Heat won the NBA championship. The city came alive just like last year, even though we did not get to watch the game (remember no TV) last year we kept our eyes on the computer screen for the score and hrs after the game you could hear craziness in the streets. So after the win this year we hit the streets prepared with our air horn for heavy traffic, non stop horn honking, and dancing construction workers kind of celebration. It is the only time driving down the streets of Miami you can look over and smile at the car next to you, instead of fighting to get around without making eye contact. You just feel connected. It just so happened that our friends had come into town that night so they got to join in on the celebration as well. It was a lot of fun.

Here is a little video of the drive home, Blake and Nick got to dance a little.
Miami Heat 2013 from A.Russ on Vimeo.

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