Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Moving Day

Well today is moving day. There's a lot I' going to miss about Miami, thing like Taco Rico (the fist Mexican food I have ever loved), Cuban restaurants everywhere, the warm water at the beach, the beach, being able to get sweet plantains at almost any restaurant, the fruit, the animals. But most of all I will miss the people I have grown to love in this city, some of which have also moved in the last 6 months. Miami has given us friends that we will never forget. The Belliston in particular will sorely be missed. We have not gone more then a few weeks without seeing each other since we both moved here in August 2011. They just had a perfect baby boy on the 1st, and as I held him last night it really hit me that I'm not going to get to play with him at Sunday lunch, or babysit him when Mom needs a break. When I get locked out of my house I don't get to stay up late with Krysta while our husbands are out in the everglades. I'm going to miss her little sisters and all the Rubio  madness (love that whole family). We are leaving our best friends in the world, this should never be allowed to happen. So many good memories, Miami would not have been the same with out them. 
This is the first place it has stung a little to leave. Okay, well it's time to turn on the music and get back to packing.

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  1. I have never met any of you, but this post made me horribly sad. I have never been to florida, but I've heard its one of those places you can't help but fall in love with.

    minus the humidity - ugh.

    Hope that you have a great weekend.