Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Road Trip: Philadelphia

We rolled into Philly around 1am, and decided our first stop would be for a Philly Cheese Stake. We got 3 sandwiches in all, one cheese stake from Pat's King of Steaks another from Geno's Steaks with a pork sandwich as well because we were super hungry and it looked good. Between the two we preferred Pat's better service and better food. The next morning my inner 5th grade self wanted to stop and see the liberty bell. Being as it was Saturday morning the line to see the bell was longer then we wanted to wait, but they have it located in a strategic location so you are able to get a good look from the outside window. We then stood outside Independence Hall, crazy to think on all the history that took place there. One day I would love to go back to have a tour. They have independence National Historical Park set up with guides dressed up like colonial day Americans, showing off old fashion games, crafts and instruments. It was a nice quick trip, I was surprised how charming I thought Philly was, with it's little apartments some located above shops. I wish I would have gotten pictures. I know I would hate the limited parking (literally the median was designated for night parking) but it was charming nonetheless. I wish we would have set aside more time to play in Philly, but we had a pretty exciting date night planned in NYC that night.

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