Friday, May 31, 2013

Road Trip: New Jersey

^^ in front of Jari's apartment^^
^^loved the painted apartments^^
Well we couldn't go through New Jersey without making a few stops. My sister Jari is serving a LDS Mission there as we speak. I have not seen her in a little over a year now, so I would have loved to give that girl a big Hug or take her out to lunch or something... but instead Blake and I decided to just drop by her apartment. My Mom and I had put together a little care package, so I put that sucker on her door step with a little note and hide around the corner. I was facetiming my Mom, but oh how I wish I was holding the camera. Blake had the camera and ran around back to see if he could break into the apt... I guess I did not specify that I was going to ding dong ditch the place to see if they were home before we broke into leave the package. Anyway it was fun to see Jari read my note, realize I was somewhere in close proximity, and watch her eyes scanned the bushes following the sound of my laugh. Once she saw me around the corner I took off running down the back ally, found Blake then took off in the car. Yep I was 10 feet away from the sister I hadn't seen in over a year and all I did was run from her. I could hear her yelling behind me, "I love you, but I hate you.... but I love you!!". It was fun!
After, we stopped by a few places that Jari recommended to visit while in the garden state. First was Carlo's Bake Shop from the show Cake Boss. We ordered a few assorted cookies, a brownie, and a whole pineapple cheesecake. As we ate our cheesecake on the park bench in front of the bakery we were very glad we made that little stop. The place did not disappoint.
We then headed to Liberty Park. After driving on the highway a little ways, I did not realize how close we were till it was like BAM! Lady Liberty in your face, followed quickly by the New York Skyline. I had never been to New York, so my first glace of the place I had only seen in pictures was a good surprise. 


  1. that story still makes me laugh! And every time iv see the ny skyline i am awed. it never gets old.

  2. I love your story about ding dong ditching Jari! I did the same thing to Ryan when I was in Salt Lake once. It was his birthday and I dropped off a piece of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory and some other goodies and then ran as fast as I could back to the car. My parents were the getaway car and my dad saw him peak his head out of the door and then we took off haha. I wish I could have seen his face.

  3. ahhh so jealous that you went to Carlos Bakery!!

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