Thursday, May 23, 2013

Road Trip: Washington DC

After I finished my last final at 11:15 on Thursday May 2 we hit the road for our spring vacation. We drove straight up 95 till about midnight when we stopped to sleep at a Walmart right off an exit somewhere in North Carolina. The only way we were going to afford a road trip up the east coast was to sleep in our car, we had a nice set up so it wasn't bad. Our first city to really explore was Washington DC. We parked at a metro stop, bought a day pass. 
(which was bad idea because we walked everywhere)
This being Blake's first trip to DC and only being there for a few hours we mostly walked/ran all over the National Mall and Downtown area. We loved admiring all the craftsmanship on what seemed like every building, I mean even the post office was beautiful. I have always loved the vibes that come from DC, people running, biking, throwing frisbee, having a soccer game, or just soaking up the sun while surrounded by our Nations Monuments. I love it!
  When leaving we walked to the nearest metro which happened to be on George Washington University campus. What a cool place to go to University, right there just a few blocks from the Lincoln Memorial. In an alternate life I would so be going to school there. The original plan was to stay till sun down, but our hungry bellies and Blake's somewhat hurt foot got us out a little sooner. Which worked out perfectly, we were on the road early enough to make it to Philadelphia for the night. 
We did spot by the LDS Washington DC Temple on the way out. We had only seen pictures of this beautiful and holy building before, but let me tell you the pictures do not do it justice. This was the perfect ending to our day in DC.

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  1. I've never been to DC but hope to one of these times! These pictures look awesome!