Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blake and the Florida Python Challenge 2013

From Jan. 12th – Feb. 10th  Devin and Blake were involved in the Florida Python Challenge. This competition was put on by the FWC to raise awareness and to capture as many invasive Burmese Pythons as possible.  Blake has been catching wild snakes all his life, and lately has been focused on the Burmese Pythons (remember road cruising?). We were excited to be living down here for the challenge. There were two prizes up for grabs, the first for the hunter who caught the most pythons and second for the hunter who caught the longest. After the month long competition of hunting out in the Everglades Blake and his hunting partner Devin brought home 1st place for longest python caught and 2nd for most pythons caught. I know a lot of people would think Blake is crazy for walking out in the Everglades and catching these constrictors with his bare hands, and many people will think I am crazy for letting him do it. But it has been a fun hobby while living down here in south Florida. We have always loved going out into nature, and both find animals beautiful and fascinating. 

 Here is some of the Media coverage they received.
Here is a really good video of Blake on Channel 6  Orlando Channel 6 Orlando News video clip

New York Times newspaper

Channel 6 South Florida video clip

FIU Paper

Blake even made the Religion News Quote of the day.

And some of our favorite pictures from the Challenge.

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  1. How can you be sure that those snakes are not poisonous?