Friday, March 8, 2013

A Picnic In The Park

One beautiful Sunday on our way home from church, Blake and I decided to have a little picnic at the park. The day was perfect with a crisp cool wind, I even got to wear a sweater! But it turned out that our fridge was ill prepared for a spontaneously planned picnic. We did however, have everything in our cupboards to make cookies. Living so close to Tropical Park we were able to take our cookies right out of the oven and enjoy them hot as we sat on our blanket. After sharing a cookie or two with the ducks we took a little nap by the lake enjoying the sun. It was a perfect little afternoon. This winter we only had a few "cold" days, and we can already feel summer right around the corner. So I'm glad we took advantage of it and took a little picnic to enjoy the cold.

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