Monday, January 7, 2013

random things that make me terribly happy

During this fall semester school work has consumed our free time, interrupted our meal time, and of course robbed us of sleep. As you (probably only our Moms) might have noticed this blog has been ignored. We did however have some eventful things that occurred between all-nighters and exams. So if you don't mind I will be trying to catch up and bring this blog back up to speed. Lets start off with a few random things that made me terribly happy this fall semester.

love those boys, blake, bret, and mojo
our pet chameleon
the frosty coupons
driving by the Fort Lauderdale Temple
i call this one, child makes-out with cotton candy
movie ticket for getting an A in chemistry 
representing brasil international festival 
watching the office in the hammock
10 books for a dollar
yummy chili we made countless time over fall semester
waking blake up with krispy kreme

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