Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Halloween 2012

Well Blake and I quite enjoy dressing up for Halloween. I have a list of cool things I want to dress up like before I die. Last year (2011) things were a little too crazy, for us to dress up. I think we went for a run then hid ourselves in the apt because we hadn't bought candy. But some how we pulled it off this year, probably because I was in charge of the bi-ward trunk or treat. So for this Halloween I mark Mexican Day of the Dead off my to-do Halloween dress ups. It was the perfect year to get creative and paint our faces because of all the wonderful friends we got going on here in Miami that joined in (How do I not have a picture with Krysta?). I don’t know how I am planning on leaving this place.

It was pure luck that we had time to dress up this year (Blake’s face got painted in the parking lot, and we didn't get a picture till after the party) let alone decorate our trunk for the truck or treat. But it just so happened that we had gotten 2 Colombian red tailed boas that month. So they were our very scary decorations. It was truly terrifying for some, and pretty amusing for others. Blake had a good time letting the brave kids take turns holding the snakes, while teasing parents by convincing them to ask for a snake this Christmas. 

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